Blindsided (PG-13)
Summary: It is SO like CC/DD to torture Doggett and not let us see anyone take care of the man. ;-/ Fill-in-the-Blank and Post-Ep for "William", first person Reyes POV
DTA Rating: 2 A

Chimera (PG-13)
Mrs. Fish
Summary: Post-ep for Existence. Deny the Lie!
DTA Rating: 1

Forty-Two, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 (NC-17)
Summary: `......Did anyone care enough to miss him? Had Monica wondered where he was for more than five minutes?....' Doggett is abducted and - gosh... what d'ya know! Tortured! Poor baby.
DTA Rating: 4 (I think) X A

John Doe Revisited (PG-13)
L. M. Shard
Summary: Alternate ending to "John Doe". What if it had been Scully instead of Reyes who had found Doggett in Mexico?
DTA Rating: 1 A

Selfless, Cold, Composed (R)
Roxy (fka Agent X)
Summary: Doggett turns to unofficial channels to help Scully find her kidnapped son
DTA Rating: 2

Skin 'n' Bones (PG)
Dogg 'n' Scull
Summary: Scully and Doggett investigate a case of unexplained death with bizarre results.
DTA Rating: 1 or 2

A Son Remembered, A Son Lost (not rated)
Summary: Monica helps John deal with the repercussions from his experiences in Mexico.
DTA Rating: 3 A

Stinky (PG)
Kiki Cabou
Summary: Reyes helps Doggett clean up after the events of "John Doe."

DTA Rating: 1

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